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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have compiled a list of some of the questions we are asked on a regular basis.

  • Can I bring any furniture and personal items from home?
  • Would you then be able to take special care of all my own personal items?

    Certainly. We have an in-house laundry service as well as a personal linen service for any of your items that require special attention.

  • My family / friends are very busy, can they visit at any time?

    Yes. Your visitors will always be made welcome, as they would in your home.

  • What happens to my room if I go away on holiday or if I have to go to hospital for a while?

    We simply lock your room and keep an eye on it for you until you’re back.

  • What about fees while I'm away?

    If you are away for an extended period, we will certainly discuss an adjustment to your fee.

  • Can I receive and make personal phone calls at any time?

    Your room has its own direct dial telephone so you can you can use it as freely as you would like in your own home.

  • What about my daily newspaper or anything else I want delivered?

    Any of your daily newspapers or publications will be delivered directly to your room by our reception staff.

  • What if I need to buy an item like cigarettes or talcum powder?

    We have a small mobile shop where we stock these kinds of items.

  • Although I am not on a diet, there are some things I really don't like. Can you provide special meals for me?

    There is a daily choice on our menu. However if nothing appeals to you our chef will be happy to accommodate your preferences.

  • What about my special diet?

    Our chef can accommodate your special diet and will consult with you about it.

  • Do I always have to eat in the dining room?

    No. If you are feeling a bit poorly we’ll be pleased to provide you with a tray service in your own room.

  • And if I need to see my doctor?

    You can ask your doctor to visit at anytime as you would to your own home.

  • May I keep my own doctor?

    We always encourage everyone to keep their own doctor. However we also have a doctor who visits on a regular basis should your doctor be unavailable.

  • What if I suddenly become frailer?

    We offer flexible care packages which apt to your own personal needs.

  • What about charges in those circumstances?

    Our services are designed to suit you on an individual basis. Payments are adapted to make them as affordable as possible while still maintaining a high standard of service.

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